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East Falmouth
Vacation Rental

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$1,500 per week

3 Bedrooms
1 Full Baths

Falmouth Heights
Vacation Rental

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$9,000 per week


6 Bedrooms
4 Full Baths • 1 Half Baths

Falmouth Heights
Vacation Rental

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$2,200 per week

3 Bedrooms
2 Full Baths • 1 Half Baths

Testimonials to Our Cape Cod REALTORS®

Directed to Bill Peters

I am so excited to have this deal done.  Thank you for dealing with my anxiety!  You are the best!!!  I appreciate that over the last ten plus years I've learned that you are someone I can really trust.  I plan to have a house warming when the condo is done, so I hope you'll come to that.  Thanks for getting me through this, Bill.

Directed to Erika Capobianco

"Worked with the "Fabulous" Erika last year and would like to work with her again. She saved my family from a crises when we got scammed and she found us a home in 2 hrs. that was perfect!!!! " Karen M.

"Thank you very much and you are great to work with. I can tell you from a customer that deals with customers everyday myself, you sure know how to make customer satisfaction number ONE."

Thanks. Tony

"Thanks, Erika, you are the best!! It is professional people like you that makes this process so nice and easy. You made it so pleasant and I really feel so lucky to have you as my agent. Everything sounds great! Maybe I will give you a call when I get there, just to let you know that we have arrived. Thanks!"

Betty Chan

"Erika helped my wife and I find a beautiful home to buy in Mashpee back in October of 2008 after searching all summer long for the right location and home to purchase. Erika's dedication, diligence, and hard work have truly been appreciated by our family and we wanted to let you know that we truly believe she's a real asset to your business. We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how we felt as we know how hard it is to find trustworthy, reliable, hard workers in this day and age.We recommend Foley Real Estate to everyone we know and it's mainly been because of all her efforts. We look forward to working with Foley Real Estate in the years to come" Ed Dervishian

"I would just like to thank you again for picking up the clothes we left behind ~ what a huge relief! I also wanted to let you know that I deliberately left behind a decoration for their living room if they want it. It was a candle with shells and sand that I thought would look nice in their home. You have been a wonderful realtor to work with and I will definitely be referring you to anyone I know who is interested in renting or buying in the Falmouth area. Take care!" Ellen Leonard

"Thanks Erika..You are above the call of duty, I just love you. Thanks again!" Judy

"Hi Erika…got the checks yesterday in the mail…all’s good…thanks for all your help. I know when I want something to happen, you are the one to go to!" David Mozes

"It's been great working with you! You helped us realize one of our dreams ...to own a house by the ocean! We look forward to working with you in the future as we get our 'little house that can' rented. Thank you so much! We'll be in touch." Lyn

I appreciate all that you and your company have done for our family.   I know I sent you a letter last year informing you of how much we appreciated the work of your employee Erika Capobianco but just one letter, or just one mention doesnt seem quite enough to show our appreciation for all she has done to help us with advice and helping us rent out the summer weeks.  We continue to praise Foley Real Estate to everyone we know.  You and your team have made our dream possible to own a house on the Cape!  Sincerely,  Ed & Narine Dervishian

I greatly enjoy our association and appreciate your efforts in finding tenants who take care of our condo.  It's been a pleasure working with you throughout the years.  Thank you for everything you do!  Rick Maple.

Hey Erika: This is just a spontaneous input to let you know that as a Vermont commercial broker for the past couple of decades, I really appreciate dealing with you and the way you handle things, very organized and with a good mix of "low key" candor and recently, a little bit of very appropriate encouragement to "get it done". I just wanted to let you know the we, and I, very much appreciate your style of business. And, not the least of it, Mary and I feel that we're in very good hands to weave though what it takes to close a deal on an OREO property. Hopefully it will come to that. Thanks for your good assistance!

I forgot to mention to you that this past weekend marked exactly 3 years we’ve had the Mashpee home and we thank you SO MUCH for all your help not only to get it but to help us with everything else throughout the last 3 years to get it in shape and rent it out!  The more we look around the happier we are with the purchase we made!  Erika, seriously. Thank you so much…..for everything including (especially) your friendship. We’re so glad we met you! (I know I’ve told you before but never seems enough J ).  Edward Dervishian

My name is Karen Montefalco and I wanted to take a moment to recognize your employee Erika. I have worked with Erika for three years, as she has been the realtor helping me rent a vacation property in Falmouth Heights for the last few years. She is always a pleasure to work with! She is incredibly accommodating, and has gone above an beyond several times for us.  One year, my family of 10 was scammed, and I contacted Erika in a pinch because it was the day our vacation was to start, and when we showed up, we had no house to rent! I know she put in extra hours for me that day and found us a great home!  This year, we have an extenuating circumstance as well, and once again Erika has come through. Whether its showing me a property short notice, or putting extra hours in, she is always so pleasant and I'm sure you know you are lucky to have her!!!  I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard wonderful things about Erika, and I'm sure it won't be the last!  Thank you for your time!  Karen Montefalco

"Erika dots all her I's and crosses all her T's. Nothing gets by her, so you are well represented buying or selling. She is great to work with."
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Liza Dorian

Where do I even begin to describe the extremely positive experience my company had while dealing with Erika from your office. My company travels nation wide conducting our business, and I am very aware of the ubiquitous nature of poor service. But not when I was dealing with Erika. She was knowledgeable, expedient, informative and competent. She returned calls promptly and was abundantly helpful. It was truly my pleasure to find her and look forward to calling on your company again when we return to the area. Thank you.  Thomas Provencher
Vencher Construction Inc.  (518) 763-1866

Directed to Jeff Griesbauer

This letter of reference is to recommend Realtor Jeff Griesbauer for consideration in listing and selling your property. After interviewing a number of realtors to list and sell our vacation property in East Falmouth, we chose Jeff to handle this very important transaction for us and were extremely pleased with this decision.

From the initial visit to first see our house, Jeff impressed us with his level of professionalism and preparedness. He arrived with his marketing material, but also with a full analysis of other comparable homes in Maravista. Jeff not only shared this analysis from our viewpoint as sellers, but also showed us potential buyers might analyze the same information. After viewing the property, we were then able to finalize the best asking price for the property.

We were very pleased with the level of advertising both print and on-line. We thought Jeff provided a a comprehensive and compelling write-up to attract buyers to view the property. He conducted two open houses in one weekend; we received an e-mail summary of the events that took place and next steps. Throughout the time our home was on the market, Jeff kept us well informed of all both the viewings at the house as well as the reactions of the viewers. In the end, Jeff sold our house in less than 3 weeks. We received multiple offers and ultimately accepted a full price offer.

Throughout the entire process, Jeff remained accessible to us. All phone calls were returned in a very timely fashion, and he was always willing to provide guidance on the process. As we weren't living in the home, he made several trips to the home during our absence to help in the final steps of sale before closing.
Overall, Jeff made the sale of our vacation a smooth and easy process. If you are looking to list and sell your home, I would recommend working with Jeff Griesbauer.

Carolyn Nardi

Directed to Kara Foley

"Now that I've moved into my new home and unpacked most of the boxes, I want to thank you once again for your role in making this all happen. When I began house hunting in Falmouth back in January, my friends and colleagues were eager to refer me to their favorite brokers. However, my family has known your father for over 25 years and there was no doubt that, if anyone could find me the right home, it would be Jim Foley. Well, actually you were the one who found me this great house. Your father is very fortunate to have someone with your credentials and professional background working with him. As it turns out, so was I. Your integrity, sense of humor, patience and optimism are reminders of why my family has enjoyed doing business with your father over the years. Your warm and friendly personality helped take the edge off those snowy winter afternoons spent looking at homes. When disappointment threatened to take over, your humor provided the perfect antidote. When I was barely able to tolerate my own confusion, your patience allowed me to find clarity. When my choices seemed limited, your optimism gave me the energy to continue looking until I found what I was looking for. Thank you for making my home search a success and for providing a warm welcome into the community."

Attorney Thomas A. Grossman

"I have on every occasion made positive comments regarding Foley Real Estate...especially when people say "YOU SOLD YOUR HOUSE"....a rare event these days and the credit belongs to you and your company. Your pro-active and generous marketing along with flexibility made this sale possible. My family and I sincerely appreciate your efforts and tenacity getting this transaction to closing. Thank you."

Judy Spinelli; Florida